Wavier Form
A WAVIER will be signed at the FRONT DEST of "KIDS ROCK" with your first visit to the "Hitting Academy".

You will then be given a "Player Loyalty Card" to show each time you come, proving that you have signed the wavier, or you will be asked to sign it again for our records. 

To prevent a wait time for your team to check in... Please contact us and have us email you this wavier form to print,
so that you & your players can fill it
out in advance.  
   Each player will be given a
"Player Loyalty Card" to be able to
show each time they come into the Hitting Academy, and will not be
asked to re-sign a wavier.  
   Also, If your team's name is on our file that all players have signed a waiver, you will not be asked to resign again during the calendar year. 
EMAIL:  hittingacademy@yahoo.com 

#1  A wavier must be signed by all who enter the "Hitting Academy".

#2  Batters must wear appropriate shoes. (NO CLEATS ALLOWED)

#3  Batters must wear helmets while inside cages.

#4  No bad language or attitudes allowed.

#5  Always put balls back in machines AFTER you're done. 

#6  No swinging bats outside of batting cages, unless you are in  

       the soft toss area with your instructor.

#7  Do NOT HANG on nets.

#8  Adults & Coaches are responsible for the actions of the  

       youth in the training area.

#9  No food or drink allowed in the training areas. 

#10 No one under 7 years old is permitted to use the

        Iron Mike pitching  machines.

Located INSIDE "Kids Rock FUN FACTORY!"  *  1585 N. Aspen Street, Lincolnton, NC